Doctor Name: Dr. Giradkar
Hospital Name: Giradkar Dental Clinic
Address: Shop No.3, Dhanshree Complex, Near Royal Infield Showroom, Burdi
Other Medical Services any Kind: Yes
Type of Business
Hospital: No
Clinic: No
Sonography Clinic: No
Medical Stores: No
Diagnostic Center: No
Pathology Lab: No
Ambulance Service: No
Blood Bank: No
Any Other Medical Services: No
Dental Clinic: Yes
Eye Clinic: No
Discount Service Details%
O.P.D.: Yes
I.P.D / I.C.U. / Operating: No
Advice Fees: No
Operation / Surgery: No
All Tests / Tests X-ray ECG Ultrasound: No
Dental Products Gold Payment, Root Canal Treatment: Yes
Sonography: No
Allopathic / Ayurvedic / Generic / Medicines And Other Medicines: No
Surgical Literature: No
Treatment Of Panchkarma: No
Angioplasty: No
Neurology: No
Neurosurgeon: No
Cosmetic Surgery: No
Heart Disease Surgery: No
Gastroenterology: No
Plastic Surgery: No
C T Scan: No
Joint Replacement: No
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery: No
Arthroscopy Surgery: No
Department Of Women's Disease And Obstetrics And Gynecology: No
Newborn Department: No
M R I: No
Nephrology: No
Endocrinology: No
Physiotherapy: No
Discount: 20%